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November 16 2017

Fun Facts About Honey




- Honey is mostly sugar (WoW!) it is 80% sugar and 20% water (double WoW!)

- There are over 20,000 species of bees, but only 4 make HONEY

-Honey is the ONLY food that contains all the substances you need to survive (Including WATER)

-Children under the age of 1 should not eat honey… why? because sometimes it contains bad stuff called botulism and can cause them to get botulism poisoning (that sucks, even infants should taste the deliciousness that is honey)

-Honey will crystallize under optimum temperatures (this has a lot to do with how you store it)

-Bees produce honey to eat during the winter when there are no flowers and no nectar for them.

-A honeybee would only need an ounce of honey to be able to fuel a flight around the world (this makes for a very cultural bee!)

-A typical beehive can make up to 400 pounds of honey a year! (Wowza!)

This reads like it was written by a bee and I’m 100% here for it

This is singlehandedly THE BEST compliment I have ever received :)

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i love them

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Awakening AU where Emmeryin takes Chrom role while Chrom takes Lissa’s role

November 15 2017



A six year old once asked me what adulthood is like.

“You can eat ice cream for dinner every night if you want,” I told him.

His face lit up.

“But you have to buy it yourself.”

I’ve never seen someone go from delighted to devastated as quickly as that little boy.

This is the most accurate description of adulthood I’ve ever heard.

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all im saying is technically the waffle song is a song and technically this was an animated video so really who would we be if we excluded this essential warriors video from our amv redraw nostalgia 

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I feel like this applies to most retail/customer service based jobs


NaNoWriMo sounds like the abbreviated title of an anime you’d get a callout post for admitting that you like 


The fact that billionaires exist is an extremely important example of the inherent hierarchal structure of capitalism. You can’t genuinely believe that ONE person can work 600x harder than their employees, it’s physically impossible, yet we see it as normal. They aren’t working 600x harder, they’ve simply been exploiting people to get on top, and using the state as a tool to keep their position and crush any opposition.

When unions and protests are frowned upon, it’s no wonder that workers don’t get their fair share. People all around the world fight back. They’re just killed or thrown in jail. The struggle is there, we’ve just been brainwashed to think it’s wrong.

The idea that the state and ruling class shouldn’t be coercively dictating people’s everyday lives to fit their interests isn’t nearly as radical as you’ve been told it is.

November 14 2017

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the fourt horsemen of the apocalypse:

nice guy, soft boy, neckbeard and incel

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I’m three weeks late but happy rebellion day. 

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‘Hmm, Agent 2 and 4? Isn’t that interesting. Let them come, I’ll be ready.’

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Bowser’s reactions to various outfits in Super Mario Odyssey.

Ok this is pretty funny



out of curiosity i searched for the very first of the 400k+ naruto fics on and…… im overwhelmed fam. it’s sasunaru from 2001. before the anime even started. before the manga was even officially translated. what a cultural landmark. this is like witnessing the birth of history itself honestly


J E S U S   C H R I S T

November 12 2017

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Road work ahead??

Uh yeah, I sure hope it does

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Art i made for an expo 

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