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February 08 2018

All in a gay’s work.


aqours handwriting headcanons!

  • yoshiko and chika r lost causes, barely readable.
  • riko prob tried deciphering chika’s notebook once for song production purposes and she just. What The Fuck Does This Even Say
  • now chika types out the lyrics before giving them to riko for composition
  • and yoshiko,,, is yoshiko. tho surprisingly when she’s in yohane mode her writing is Godly (can’t mess up any spells/sacred scriptures!)
  • riko and dia have hella nice print…loopy gorls
  • they’re proper girls what else could u expect
  • kanan and you have sloppy but readable writing
  • they write mostly in shorthand where they can
  • i mean theyre jocks so they only write when they gotta…and when they gotta its not pretty ::::::)
  • kanan’s is a bit neater than you’s just bc she’s expected to keep diving shop records (though only she can read them lol)
  • mari writes in pseudo-cursive unless shes rlly lazy (anytime she’s not doing paperwork)
  • ruby is the type to take really nice formatted notes w/ the giant calligraphy header
  • also she writes her “a”s like the font a w/ the loop on top and its Extra!
  • really good at embroidering fonts into costumes

  • maru’s print is pretty average, clear but nothing stands out too much
  • she makes notes when she reads so she’s got a style that’s practical and easy to read


me: guys… don’t worry, i’ll handle this

me: *ruins everything*

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soft serve

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I build a pikachu!

phone wallpaper types


Type 1: their phone background is of themselves

Type 2: their phone background is of their significant other

Type 3: their phone background is of themselves and their partner; a couple

Type 4: their phone background is of a couple, usually fanart of an otp or a show couple

Type 5: their phone background is of their favourite character

Type 6: their phone background is some really fancy art or quirky/minimalistic kind of thing

Type 7: their phone background is of their pet

Type 8: their phone background is of their family or friends

Type 9: their phone background is one of those stupid shitty backgrounds that are already part of the phone and they never bothered to change it 

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give me the rinmaru interaction i deserve

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Happy birthday, Mewtwo!

Mewtwo has been my favourite Pokémon for forever, and I decided to mark his birthday with a cake!

I’ve wanted to try making a simple cake in this style for awhile! I wanted to make it tiered and dye the cake (the bottom layer came out decidedly less purple-white and more white-white than expected) and give it a cute shape! My partner drew me a stencil and made the awesome chocolate facial details.

@antialiart also made adorable fan art of Mewtwo eating my cake at my request!

Bonus pics because Mewtwo parties hard





have you noticed that ‘nico’ is just one letter away from ‘nice’? just an observation

You can’t spell niconico without iconic

god you’re so right


*uses one (1) hint coin*

Hint: “Just think about the question a little more carefully and the answer should be clear! :)”


February 07 2018

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more valentines


i had the BEST IDEA…… kanoveralls but SHORTS!

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woah wtf tumblr now has an actual official feature to view tags??? how long has this been a thing

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when the only one left is the watchmen…










Finding out that the No Banana cat is a mother and has kittens brightened up my entire week

!!!! What’s her name?

I don’t know but this is her blog

her name is Anfisa

Such a cute mommy!






If you wore a vr headset linked to a camera drone that was set to follow you from a few feet behind you could live in third person.


If you can’t dissociate naturally store bought is fine

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